Mercury Writing



Copywriters are sexy, glamorous and cool. Mercury Writing bucks this trend, but we are great at our job. Why? Because we’re pedantic bastards. We'll tinker with your text until it’s perfect. That's just how we roll.


Things We've Done Recently

This used to be an impressive list of prestigious clients but it looked shit - so here's the short version:

UK and international universities (academic proofreading, transcription); local businesses (web design and marketing); some charities (generally lending a hand); individuals (making PhD theses readable since 2012). Please don't ask us to churn out crap for your social media campaign.

Sure, we do other stuff: editing, layout and formatting, embeefment*, funding bids, a bit of academic consulting... even music. You have to be creative these days.

Ah yes, the transcription

We'll transcribe data from any audio or video format. It's all typed out verbatim, ready for analysis. We take confidentiality very seriously and we're fast.

It's £8.50 per 1000 words, with a discount for poor people.


Perhaps you’re thinking ‘this isn’t much of a website’. That's fine - but we believe:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible... but not simpler”

Albert Einstein (misattributed)

These are the prices

Shady 'rephrasing' jobs... It's expensive - call me.

5% of our fee goes straight to charity (Mind or Shelter).

Why? Why not?

Now get in touch

Andrew Fletcher...|...fletch [at]|...+44(0)783 506 8540

Email or call (it’s just me; why pretend otherwise?), tell me what you want and I’ll give you a timescale and a quote.

Do we do Facebook? Are we on Twitter?

NO! Go away (Stalkers and weirdos can dig me up on LinkedIn).

* What was that? Embeefment?..Well, clients are always asking us to 'beef up' their text, so we invented a word for it.